Running Habit: 2021 Week 37—bruised knees and failing to eat in moderation

To my surprise, I have been injury-free these days and only had a bit of tenseness. But that didn’t last long. I missed the last step of stairs and fell on Sunday. That was the beginning of week 37.

Week 37 Summary

Despite the pain on my bruised knees, I was very much motivated to get outside and run. Or, to put it more accurately, I am pressured from the 1000 km challenge progress. I didn’t want to go further behind. So, I ran.

Week 37

I didn’t do any 10 km run this week, so the pace was faster than last week. Other than that, it was a normal week in terms of the stats.

Week 37

At the end of the week, I was at 64.36 % of my 1000 km challenge. We are at 71 % of the year 2021 (again, feels so fast!). I am still behind, but only by 7 % now. My minimum distance per week to finish 1000 km within this year is now 23.73 km. Doable, doable!

What I enjoyed

While I am not breaking any personal record or anything, being able to add 5 km every day is very satisfying to me. Dan wanted to show me a video clip on an evening, and I missed the short window of after-work running (because, ah, daytime is getting so short here…). Nothing else went wrong, but I was very unhappy that day.

Becoming unhappy by missing a workout is another problem… but I realized that how running is working for me to feel calmer and satisfied with my ordinary days. I was happy to know that.

Challenges I had

I needed to run with an empty stomach twice, a very full stomach once, and casually drank once… none of them was pleasant. I knew how empty stomach runs were hard, but I forgot what I can eat to quickly fill my stomach & stay healthy. I need to have that kind of quick food ready. Full stomach was an accident from the supper menu, and a small glass of wine was something I thought I could dismiss. Both of them tempted me to cut the runs short, although I didn’t give in. As I will probably go running anyway, I need to be careful not to overeat or drink too close to exercise.

Bruises and swollen knees, 4 days after the fall

I was very fortunate that it was only bruised and swollen knees, but it was not fun to be bothered by them in each step. The bruise on the left knee interferes with my knee cap, and I think my running form was very asymmetric. They weren’t painful enough for me to stop running but annoying enough to tempt me to cut runs short.

Hope for the next week

When I was an athlete, I was more cautious about injuries so I can stay on the court. Now, with running becoming part of my daily routine, I should be more careful so I can continue to run. If stairs are dark, don’t run. Turn the lights on.

The same for eating moderately. If I want to enjoy running, I should be careful about what and how I eat. Don’t eat too much. But don’t go out with an empty stomach.

It looks like I will have a bit more time on week 38. I want to try another 10 km.

As I didn’t fall another time and the bruises are healing, at least, the ending of week 37 wasn’t that bad…

Lovely Moments—Easy ways for foodies

Being a foodie is sometimes a curse. I don’t want to eat the same boring food over and over again just to reduce the mental workload or cut any extra prep time. No matter how busy I am, I want to enjoy what I eat.

Being a foodie is a wonderful thing, I still think. While I choose what I want to eat, I can easily find a lovely moment and celebrate ordinary life.

Garden beans from my mentor/friend.

The past month was extremely busy with so much overtime work and extra tasks and projects from our non-work responsibilities. In that heavy week, a friend/mentor who I really look up to showed up to give us some garden beans that have just been harvested in the morning.

The fact that somebody cared about me lifted my mind. And Dan and I savoured the beauty and sweetness of the beans.

Carrots and beets from my mentor/friend.

A few weeks later, the same friend showed up and blessed us with another bag of harvest. We like carrots from normal people’s gardens because they taste so different from what we buy from normal industrialized farms. And these were exactly that way. We didn’t want to cook them, so they were all eaten as carrot sticks.

Beets were also a special experience. I didn’t buy beets and didn’t particularly enjoy eating them until I had these. I simply tossed them with oil, salt, pepper, and baked in the oven. They turned out unexpectedly and quite literally sweet, and I was converted into a beet fan. (Well, only these garden kind.)

Honey mustard yogurt dresing and a huge bowl of salad

Gathering around good food is also lovely. I made a huge bowl of salad and a mason jar full of honey mustard yogurt dressing. It was a random online recipe I found, but it worked very well with my salad and was well received. Many foodie friends asked for a recipe. Now the dressing recipe joined my staple dressing list.

Farmer’s markert cherries

After the end of overwhelming works, we strolled a farmer’s market and bought some cherries. This would be our first and last cherry bag of this summer. As we need to spit seeds, eating cherries slows you down. It created some time to take a deep breath and have real conversation. Not only beautiful in our eyes but to our heart!

Pizza toast for breakfast

Some leftovers can become fun pizza toast and salad. My workday can start cheerfully just by eating something a tiny bit fancy.

Egg fried just right!

Well, fancy ingredients are not even necessary. When egg fries perfectly to your liking, you can’t help but feel sooo gooood over a simple breakfast. (Or, is it just me?)

Simple honey toast, coffee, and sun

And even further, to me, a slice of toast and a sunny window-side seat can be a lovely moment. Daytime is already so short and the sun comes later in the morning in where I live, but when I wake up late on a Saturday, I can bask in the sun and enjoy my honey toast and coffee veeeery slowly. It always amazes me how satisfying these simple things can be.

I don’t know the term “foodie” needs to be for those who are into fancy and gourmet things. If that’s the definition, I think I am not a foodie. I enjoy simple food as much as (or more than) fancy and gourmet food. But I love my food and meditating over them.

Good food makes me think of so many hands who brought this goodness to me. I start from people who cooked it (if not myself), who were selling it, who transported or packed them, who harvested individual ingredients, and my chain of thoughts always go back to God. I get to praise and thank him for orchestrating all the weather, workers, knowledge, maybe animals, and skills…so many things and people and allowing me to enjoy the result of that. I know there are some not-good-for-you food that could taste good, but generally, my brain associate good taste to goodness of God.

For this kind of foodies, this “mindful eating” would be one of the easiest ways to find lovely moments in ordinary life. And really, that’s relatively easy because we get to eat daily. Life is not all lovely, but there’s always a glimpse of goodness. I’m so glad I am a foodie.

Running Habit: 2021 Week 36—first 10+km in a while and breathing in the autumn scent

On the calendar, autumn starts on September 22. In my neighbourhood, however, it’s already showing the festivity of autumn. The colours, smells, and air… I enjoyed them a lot.

Week 36 Summary

Week 36

I needed to skip runs some nights, but this week’s distance was up due to the return of 10k! The long running time was very enjoyable, especially after 30 minutes. It might become one of my regular courses, as I also liked the new course.

The pace wasn’t the greatest, partially because I ran after a major party… It’s not the best idea to run with a full stomach, but I was happy that I was able to add 5 km.

At the end of week 36

At the end of the week, I was at 61.72 % of my 1000 km challenge. We’re at 69 % of the year 2021. My weekly minimum distance is now about 24 km. It’s still achievable!

What I enjoyed

These festive autumn colours. It’s now not only the trail but many trees with the road that are changing colours.

And the sweet apple scent. So many houses had apple trees with many fruits still left on them or on the ground. I breathed in the autumn deep as I passed by.

And, the return of the longer distance. I intended to do just 10 km and ended up running 7 miles because I just turned the counters I wanted to, but it was a fun exploration.

Usually after 30 minutes, I feel like my pores are finally open and my body is finally starting to burn some fat. For a former athlete, it has some nostalgic feel-good effect that a normal 5 km doesn’t bring. I am now motivated to do 10k runs more often!

Challenges I had

My workload for this week was very heavy and well beyond 40 hours worth, while Monday was a stat holiday. Getting things done to make time for running was a bit harder this week.

Yet, I was very motivated to run this week after very busy workdays. Slow running has been one of my favourite and effective winding down steps.

Hope for the next week

Savour the autumn as much as possible. Try another 10 km.

Running Habit: 2021 Week 33-35—100 km in a month!

Week 33-35 Summary

I was planning to run 5 times on Week 33, but our anniversary celebration took place one night, and Saturday was a Sunday prep and meeting day. I used to be able to run after 9 pm, but it is no longer an option with the sun setting earlier and the trail part of the course. I will need to be more diligent and plan my runs ahead of time.

Week 33

Week 34 was a family wedding weekend. I was planning to bring my shoes and exercise clothes to the trip, but a long road trip, being a photographer, and driving in a non-familiar city was tiring enough for me. I prioritized sleep over run…

Week 34 (in the “last week”)
Week 35

Week 35 was very fulfilling. I kick-started the week with a Sunday running and even squeezed in a run on Friday before a supper get-together by finishing work early. It felt so good!

At the end of week 35

At the end of week 35, I was at 58.98 % in my 1000 km challenge. We are at 67.3 % into the year 2021, and I am still about 9 % behind. My weekly minimum distance to finish the challenge by the end of this year is 25.3 km… It is still possible as long as I put 5 runs every week.

I should also consider bringing 10 km runs back. I miss the long slow distance running.

July & August Review

July (“last month”) & August (“this month”) summary

I forgot about the monthly review at the end of July, so I’m doing two months at once again.

July was a bit difficult to schedule due to the heat and smoke and other schedules, but August was an achievement–100 km in a month! I ran more back in January 2021 (107.9 km with 18 runs), but 19 runs are the most numbers I put in a month.

What I enjoyed

I enjoyed this spray paint pointing toward the flower–as if a child drew on the road. It made me smile and stop running to get the picture.

I also enjoyed feeling a hint of autumn. The trail is so beautiful with a wide range of colours.

Challenges I had

Days are getting shorter… It was scary to run after dark. I will need to run with a flashlight as I don’t want to use my phone as a light.

Hope for the next week

“Keep running and solidify the routine.” From the last post. Yes, it has become my feel-good wind-down ritual to end the day. I want to run when possible.

Running earlier has been happening from the pressure of the shorter days. I try to get out by 8 pm.

This week and forward, I will have some work deadlines and evening meetings. I will try to do some 10 km runs to keep the weekly distance.

Reading Habit: August 2021—Beautiful Community, Positive Discipline, and other books I am reading—#Read21in2021

August felt very short with some house-related projects, lots of take-home work, and a family wedding.

One of the things that helped me to read more was E-books on my phone. I still prefer paper books for the reading experience, but for informational books that I don’t feel like I need to slow down and ponder… E-books are just fine. And it’s accessible. I spent a good amount of time reading from my Logos/Faithlife library as well as my local library app.

Reading Habit Review

Here’s the rule I worked with:

I started reading more intentionally inspired by #Read21in2021, but I customized my rules based on what I want to do through this challenge.

My rules:

  • Read any books but the Bible (It’s my existing habit and does not contribute to my habit building if I count that.)
  • Time focused reading only (= Audiobooks I listen to during my running are not included)
  • Reading for work can be counted if it was actual reading (=scanning/skimming for research doesn’t count)
  • Track time spent on reading, rather than check off days I read more than 21 minutes
  • Note the book titles and pages I read during that time for my record

The total time I spent on focused reading in August was 721 minutes. I read 2.5 times more than July’s 288.5 min! It’s also an average of 23.25 minutes per day. While it wasn’t as consistent as I wanted it to be, my August reading turned out pretty good!

Books I Finished Reading in August

The Beautiful Community: Unity, Diversity, and the Church at Its Best by Irwyn L. Ince Jr.

Oh, how I enjoyed yet get this book…

I agree with his thesis and find it beautiful. “The ministry of reconciliation demonstrated in the local church by the gathering of people from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and ethnicities is the natural outworking of a rich covenantal theological commitment” (p. 12). Yes, I agree!

I can also relate to the awkward and sometimes dehumanizing feeling of being the diversity factor of colour-blind casting. As a visual minority in my community, I’ve often called myself a “diversity panda.” How he articulates the issue of superficial inclusion based on categories you are in instead of who you are was refreshing. That was something I wanted people around me to notice.

The chapter he goes deeper into theology was also beautiful. Finding beauty in life is an intentionality exercise I enjoy, and I liked his point that all beauty we see on earth is reflecting who God is partially, and the source and the sustainer of the beauty is Him. And I almost had tears when I read this:

His perfection of beauty has room for scars…The mystery of perfection as an aspect of beauty is its transcendence. It also points to a glory beyond itself.

Ince, p. 29

And “To say that the Lord is beautifu lis to say that he is beautiful community” (p. 39). Wow, I didn’t think of beauty in that way. It was a fun chapter to explore what beauty really means.

God made us differently because he likes the variety within us (p. 54)? That’s a bigger picture and more communal way to say God made you in a very unique way and he loves you.

I really appreciated how Part 1 ended: We will become and will continue to be beautiful because God does his work on us. We are not beautiful enough as a bride, but he makes us beautiful… To this almost depressing situation of human society and the church with flaws, the assurance gives hope.

The story of Babel and isolated communities, how race is a sociological fact, Great Commission Christianity (or what others call crusade Christianity) vs Cosmic Redemptive Christianity, how unity was God’s desire and story for us, etc. etc… there were so many points I put my sticky notes filled with my reactions and thoughts. I would have to write a lengthy article if I want to put the whole thing together, and I’ll omit them from here…

One thing I was a bit frustrated with was that racial diversity is the only point the book is fully engaging with. While the author needed to focus on one point for a book and he happened to be a racial issue scholar… I am not sure if the beautiful community was described fairly to other issues. Race could be one of the major factors for our ghettoes, but there are many other ones. How about cultural, generational, or economic ones? Although typical “ethnic churches” might be racially homogenous as what we call “white people churches,” is it really true that both are homogenous? (This question could be coming specifically from Japanese culture where a majority of people have believed in the homogenous, one-nation Japan, despite the fact that we had different people groups within us.) Maybe because I was a TCK, but the treatment of the ethnic church felt unfair, as I never felt like being an Asian was central to my identity. Yes, I naturally think and act with my cultures, but they are not untouched from the host country culture of the church. The church I am part of now has an ethnic adjective in its name, but the body is ethnically, culturally, linguistically, and generatioanally diverse. “Ethnic churches” sometimes address other issues better than superficially diversified churches… And, can we stop calling non-white church as “ethcnic church,” as we are simply diaspora? White people churches are also “ethnic”… isn’t the language already white-centric?…

Just that one point made me question a lot of the books and languages that are used in the racial righteousness or reconciliation area in Christian communities. I admit that I am not well-read in that area. There could already be those questions and discussions happening, or reasons why they are the way they are.

I think I am ready to explore missiology again.

Positive Discipline in Everyday Parenting by Joan E. Durrant.

I read this during my work hour, and I didn’t time that (while the rule is I can count it). I was learning a lot about abuse prevention lately, and the book was part of the suggested reading. This is a workbook-type structure, and I finished it in one sitting.

I liked that the book explained what is reasonable to expect a child based on their developmental stages, then, goes to the exercises of thinking about how we could respond to kids’ behaviours. Sometimes people try to teach boundaries to kids that are too young to comprehend it, and they often resort to spanking or other punitive disciplines. I am still exploring the area, but it was definitely a good starter and eye-opener. I wish my parents or adults around me knew how to discipline me in this way.

It also made a strong impression that positive discipline requires a lot more physical and mental energy on the adult side. I am not confident if I can think through and respond to kids when I am exhausted… A good reminder that we need to prepare our minds to love anyone and that nobody is perfect. I cannot blame how adults around me treated me growing up.

Books I am reading

His Needs, Her Needs: Building A Marriage That Lasts by Willard F. Harley, Jr.
I’m still reading (very slowly) this for discussions with Dan.

Spiritual Life Hacks: Uncommon Solutions to Common Challenges by Len Woods

I thought I’d be finished by the end of this month, but I’m still reading… because I started reading another e-book. lol

Tiny Habits: The Small Changes That Change Everything by BJ FoggSome Thoughts

I think about habits a lot lately, as I think about consistency. It has been on my to-read list a while, and my local library had an e-book available without any wait time. I started reading it right away.

I already read/listened to 2 or more books on methods and tips of building habits earlier this year, but this one covers different points from behavioural science. I’m reading it with excitement.

Cultivating the Fruit of the Spirit: Growing in Christlikeness by Christopher J. H. Wright

I chose this book from my to-read pile after being inspired by A Theology of the Ordinary book. I knew I needed to focus on the steady growth but was struggling with an ever-increasing awareness of my lovelessness. I thought I would finish this sooner, but I am still reading…

Thoughts from August

I started August with a heavy feeling of “oh, how loveless I am… I lack in all of the fruit of the Spirit…”. It took me some effort to read books on the scripture about what I am lacking with very clear application challenges to me.

Spiritual Life Hack was helpful when it comes to giving me some different perspectives on what I was going through. The book’s assumption that everyone has those times was already encouraging to me. While I haven’t finished reading, I highlighted the book quite a bit.

As I try to go back to my routine (in running, reading, cooking, even other household chores), Tiny Habit books kept me thinking about how I could make things easier for me or why I couldn’t do certain things from a habit perspective. That was fun.

I don’t know if there was any recurring theme from the month, but I felt like I read different areas and approached my life holistically. Being able to the almost-regular rhythm of reading habit felt also good.

As I mentioned in the last reading post that I was going to read particular books in August…

Did I start thinking deeper about my roles as a diaspora? No. But I am still planning to read the diaspora theology/mission books as well as a couple of TCK books. The reason why I’m not as attached to my ethnicity is perhaps due to my nomadic life experience, compare to normal diaspora people. As I think why I felt the unsettledness from the assumption, I am feeling more need of learning who I am as a third culture kid.

I didn’t even start reading On Writing Well by William Zinsser. Am I still interested in writing well? Of course, and the book is on my next-read shelf. Yes, it is coming!

Running Habit: 2021 Week 32—Building a routine

Week 32 Summary

After the nice rhythm from the previous week, I was able to enjoy the routine on week 32. After supper, we cleaned up the table and stepped outside to do some yard work. I was able to go running after that without hesitation, as I was already moving my body in my yard. Until the ground is frozen or covered by the snow, I will have a good cue to start my exercise routine.

Week 32

This week was a bit cooler, so my time improved without much effort.

At the end of week 32

At the end of the week, I was at 52.65 % in my 1000 km challenge. We are at 61.5 % into the year 2021 (wow, that was fast!). So I will am still 9 % behind, and my weekly minimum distance to finish the challenge by the end of this year is 24.5 km.

Well, I realized that the number increased from the last post despite my constant running. I must have done my calculation wrong last week. But as long as I continue the 5 runs per week pace, I should be able to finish the challenge with no problems.

What I enjoyed

It wasn’t the streak but seeing the progress on my challenge was very motivating.

The yard work to running routine was also enjoyable, as I was able to do things I want to do without using much mental energy. Doing it so many times made me feel that running just 30 minutes slowly was not that hard either. Getting used to it by treating it as a routine was an effective way for me.

Challenges I had

The smoke and temperature were still against me on Friday and Saturday, but other days were fine.

I was exhausted from the work week on Friday, so I skipped that night and planned to run on Saturday. It looked fine on Friday, but I woke up late and found out that my schedule was really tight. I did not enjoy rushing to finish the running and not taking much time for stretching and cool down. More and more, it makes a lot more sense to run in the morning to secure my exercise time…

Hope for the next week

Keep running and solidify the routine.

And again, start running earlier so I can get enough sleep & take my time for stretching!

Reading Habit: July 2021—Worlds Apart, a Theology of the Ordinary, and other books I am reading—#Read21in2021

July continued to be filled with lots of schedules and to-dos, and my reading was very sporadic. We had a shower reno going on for 2 weeks on our only shower in the house, and we had a guest stayed 2 nights right after that. I had to work on cleaning or guest room set up until late and couldn’t take time for anything else.

As with everything else, I think consistency is the key to make progress and continue to enjoy the experience itself. I will try to go back to the routine of reading.

Reading Habit Review

I started reading more intentionally inspired by #Read21in2021, but I customized my rules based on what I want to do through this challenge.

My rules:

  • Read any books but the Bible (It’s my existing habit and does not contribute to my habit building if I count that.)
  • Time focused reading only (= Audiobooks I listen to during my running are not included)
  • Reading for work can be counted if it was actual reading (=scanning/skimming for research doesn’t count)
  • Track time spent on reading, rather than check off days I read more than 21 minutes
  • Note the book titles and pages I read during that time for my record

The total time I spent on focused reading in July was 288.5 min. That’s the average of 9.3 min per day. While it’s shorter than my goal, I did better than June—the average was 4.27 min per day. I will have books ready by me all the time to make reading more accessible.

Books I Finished Reading in July

Worlds Apart: A Third Culture Kid’s Journey by Marilyn Gardner

Oh how I appreciated her experiences expressed in words that I too can use to describe my feelings from the past! I simply enjoyed her writing and sensing the world through her eyes, but the relevance of her feelings and situations led me to dive deeper into what she wrote to reflect on what I have experienced. I re-encountered some of the memories that have been forgotten for almost two decades… and now I see my daily life with a renewed understanding of myself. It was a very eye-opening and exciting experience.

A Theology of the Ordinary by Julie Canlis

My blog used to be titled “Lovely Every Day,” because I wanted to appreciate what God is doing in my seemingly mundane life. Just like so many other bloggers and essayists in the same category, I was tired of the culture that pursues the extraordinary over steady walk with God. I felt so validated after reading how the non-dramatic, non-radical, ordinary, and slow experience of God is actually how the Bible is instructing us to live. (And yes, I do understand what those “radical” people intended and those are fine with me. I felt that those are excessively emphasized over what our reality is…) Yet, I ended up changing the title because I felt my focus was too much on the “holy ordinary” present moment and not looking forward or redemptive story. This book helped me to sort out what I felt unsettling about naming my blog lovely every day, and what I wanted to do both with how I live my life and how I want to talk about the ordinary experiences of my life. It’s a short and small book, so I will probably read it again by the end of this year. I really want to fully understand her points so I can talk about them without opening the book.

Books I am reading

His Needs, Her Needs: Building A Marriage That Lasts by Willard F. Harley, Jr.
I’m still reading (very slowly) this for discussions with Dan.

Spiritual Life Hacks: Uncommon Solutions to Common Challenges by Len Woods

I read the first meat point of the book and left un-inspired… But one of the points (or what he calls Hacks) “When we can’t see God working… look through our knothole again and keep breathing… God is orchastrating things” kept coming back to me so many times during the month. It was very neat to see how God worked out details of my life to remind me of this book. I have re-started reading this one.

The Beautiful Community: Unity, Diverstiy, and the Church at Its Best by Irwyn L. Ince Jr.

I am living in a minority culture and playing some leadership roles in a so-called ethnic church. Some missiologists argue that all churches eventually need to become community churches and I agree with their logic for the most part, but I also believe that there is a role for ethnic churches (while I think they should be called diaspora churches).

Reading this book was, in that sense, listening to the opposite view. I liked how he focused on the theology behind “beauty.” It was indeed beautiful. I enjoyed learning what beauty means. I will write about the book next month when I finish reading it.

Some Thoughts

It was a different perspective from the last months, but it was another month of learning more ways to express what I have been feeling.

I will still be reading the beautiful community and thinking about what my roles as a diaspora are. I have a couple more books in that field, so I will start reading one of them from my bookshelf next month.

I am also looking forward to read On Writing Well by William Zinsser and couple other theology books on the ordinary experiences of life.

Running Habit: 2021 Week 30-31—Consistency & tipping point

The last few weeks have been very fun being able to run consistently, and I liked it!

Week 30-31 Summary

Week 30 in “last week,” as I forgot to take a screenshot at the end of the week.

As I haven’t been consistently running, I wasn’t feeling excited about the runs themselves. I continued to step outside for the sake of the refreshed feeling after the runs.

Week 31

I grumbled to Dan that I was running just for the sake of going back to the routine and my running time, feeling, or body wasn’t really benefitting from the regular run one day. The funny thing was, on the next day, my time went back to under 5:30/km, I enjoyed the run itself, and even my body fat rate started to move back to normal. I must have been really close to the tipping point then. It was a good reminder of the importance of perseverance, or continuing even without seeing the result. (Ah, I read it in Atomic Habits: An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break!)

After the 5 after-supper runs, the hurdle of just getting outside for a 5 km run was much lower.

At the end of week 31

At the end of week 31, I was finally (almost) at the 500 km point!

As we’re almost at 60 % into the year 2021, I still need to run 23.8 km weekly to finish the 1000 km challenge within the year. I’ll try to continue the 5 runs per week pace.

What I enjoyed

Dan came to bike along with my run some times on week 30. We decided to move our “recreational companionship” time back to the normal 3000 step walk, but having him come with me was a good accountability help until I got back to the regular rhythm.

I was also able to enjoy the running experience itself this week for the first time in a while. It’s still a mystery to me, but I really need to be running regularly to feel that. Good motivation to keep running as often as possible.

Challenges I had

The smoke was still a concern to me, and the air quality was not the best for my respiratory system, but it was manageable.

One thing the regular running negatively affected was my sleep schedule. I need to wake up at 6:00 am so starting the run after 9 pm and taking a slow stretching time, then washing up, reading, and more made my bedtime close to midnight. I didn’t fall asleep during the day, but I should try to start early to secure my 8-hour sleep.

Hope for the next week

Run every day (5-6 times) to keep enjoying the run itself!

Start running earlier so I can get enough sleep!

Running Habit: 2021 Week 28-29–the first zero running week & recreational companionship

My running went in the quite opposite direction from the previous post–I had the first zero running week since the start of this challenge!

Week 28-29 Summary

Week 29 (“This Week”) and Week 28 (“Last Week”) summaries

Week 28 was a very interesting week that resulted in the zeros. We had a lot of things to do due to the whole “reopening” after COVID, and I missed the Sunday morning change to run. I went for a long walk (in fact, it was about 7km!) with Dan in the evening. I think it was a healthy and very relational way to spend my time, but it just doesn’t count toward my 1000 km running challenge.

Then, I had a second dose of vaccine on Monday and spent 1.5 days feeling sick with fevers and aches. Thursday evening, I was frantically cleaning the house to welcome the guest on Friday evening. And Saturday-Sunday was the poor air quality due to the wildfire. I couldn’t even go for a walk.

In a similar way, Week 29 was also just 1 run. The smoke was better by Tuesday/Wednesday, but we had an online conference Mon-Fri after work. I had so much people time and was exhausted… would have been nice if I ran just a bit to wind down, but it was always too late in the evening for me to go running alone.

Saturday, we came home from a day trip around 7:30 pm. We were feeling sluggish from lots of driving and eating, so I decided to run. This time, I invited Dan to ride on his mountain bike and exercise along with me. I ran really slowly (as you can see the time), but he had fun with the light exercise with hills and trails.

Running challenge is not going well… but I spent some time with people. I think that wasn’t a bad trade-off.

At the end of Week 29, I was at 45.22 % of my 1000 km challenge. I need to be close to 56 % by now… so to catch up, I need to run a minimum of 25 km each week. It’s starting to get hard!

What I enjoyed

Having someone to enjoy the scenery and exercise together was really nice. Dan seemed to have enjoyed the new recreational companionship. I will try to convince Dan to do that more often with me (then I can run more often and without worrying even a bit later in the evening!). 🙂

Challenges I had

The smoke & schedule. I could have tried the city gym and other ways to exercise indoor, but the schedule and my health didn’t allow that. If it’s going to be an annual thing (as it’s becoming…), I will need to come up with some creative ways I can “run.”

Hope for the next week

Run almost every day. Do it more often with Dan. I need to go back to the rhythm again.

Running Habit: 2021 Week 27–coming back to regularity

Running brought a sense of regularity in my overly filled1 week and calmed my mind, while my body is not fully back to what it used to be. How glad I am that I have running in my life!

Week 27 Summary

Week 27

I ran in the morning on Sunday, but the rest was after work or even right before my wind down for bed. Because I didn’t have the excuse of “woke up too late” or “it’s too late in the evening,” I managed to run 5 times this week. (That’s 500 % growth from only once!) It’s still very slow, but I can feel that slowly my body is building muscles back. I’m happy with the progress.

At the end of Week 27

At the end of this week, I came to 447 km. That’s 44.69 % of my 1000 km for the 2021 challenge. We are almost at a 52 % point in 2021. I am still a bit behind, but as long as I keep running… it shouldn’t be that difficult to catch up. I will continue to aim 5 km x 5 days until I feel 5 km too short.

What I enjoyed

Lower temperature. We had above 30 C high days, but I ran later in the evening. While my bedtime was pushed to later because of that, I enjoyed the cooler weather.

Also, I appreciated the sense of regularity. I had to do some overtime work toward the weekend plus other night meetings, but running at the end of the day helped me to reset my mind.

Challenges I had

Not really a struggle, so I call it a challenge.

My hamstrings are super tight for the last few months, most likely because of my bad postures and desk work. I am trying different kinds of stretching but the tightness does not improve.

It doesn’t hurt anymore when running, but I should watch out. I am debating if I should buy a roller…

Hope for the next week

Continue to run often. Thinking that it’s okay to be slow and just 5 km made stepping outside easier. I am still re-building habits and muscles.

  1. My week 27 was a busy week from work with emotional breakdown, groggy next day, and conference over the weekend. Plus, I had multiple evening meetings… One of the peak seasons.